Ecohouse Marbella

During the construction boom on the coast were built many of unclaimed propertybecause the quality of many facilities did not meet construction standards and the prices were too high. Observing this situation, we knew that the time would come when the client will look for a good price and quality accommodation by European standards. Working in this direction two years our company Ecohouse Marbella become a distributor on the Costa del Sol of the Austrian-Italian company Rubner. And today we can show the quality of Rubner's construction, as well as the latest technology used in the construction of houses.


Rubner Haus uses the experience and knowledge gained from 50 years of activity in the field of ecological timber construction as well as in the area of 15,000 projects and research carried out by Rubner Laboratory. We combine the best tradition in the field of timber construction with innovative technologies. The results are wooden houses that make each client's wishes into reality.

Building with wood

Four different systems of the building - in the best Rubner tradition

The flexibility, energy efficiency and customization. With Rubner building systems from Blockhouse classic, Casablanca with different coatings of the facade, the Residenz or Soligno system, everyone will find the best solution for their needs.

Our work

Ecohouse Stroy Service Marbella

In addition to the construction of wooden houses, we are also engaged in "traditional" construction, as well as all related services repair, decoration and maintenance of buildings.

  • Maintenance of property
  • Gardens and surrounding areas
  • Overhaul of houses and flats
  • Decorative finishing
  • Our company provides comprehensive professional services of any real estate, gardens and surrounding areas, as well as separate maintenance services.
  • Our company produces the current minor repairs and replacement of equipment, repair of buildings and premises, decorative finishes of interiors and facades.
  • Individual approach
  • Confidentiality