About Us

Group was formed through the merger of several private companies and considering 17 years of experience on the Spanish market. Activity of the company started in 1997, at the peak of the building boom in Spain. We entered into the market as private investors with investments in real estate for purchase and subsequent sale. Over the time construction market began to rebuild, which forced us to revise our attitude to investment. We built a commercial building with area of ??4500m2 for sale during the construction boom, but the global crisis came which seriously affected the market in Spain. It was necessary to revise the investments in real estate and we decided to open various kinds of services in this building that would be in demand.

In 2006 we opened private company Tecnocar for repair and maintenance of cars. At this time business is successfully operating and developing.

Later we opened another company to sell furniture and do interior designs. This company as well functioning well on the market and have good reputation among the clients.

Since 2006, there was a great inflow from CIS countries wishing to buy property on Costa del Sol. Our real estate agency Marbella House helped many customers to buy apartments and houses. That we successfully continue to do given our extensive experience in real estate transactions.

During the construction boom on the coast were built many of unclaimed propertybecause the quality of many facilities did not meet construction standards and the prices were too high. Observing this situation, we knew that the time would come when the client will look for a good price and quality accommodation by European standards. Working in this direction two years our company Ecohouse Marbella become a distributor on the Costa del Sol of the Austrian-Italian company Rubner. And today we can show the quality of Rubner's construction, as well as the latest technology used in the construction of houses.

This is how we evolved into holding of small companies working for customers under the motto:
High quality at a reasonable price